Moonbois: The Battle for the Moon

Game Theory always throws an interesting twist into everything it touches. We’ve seen some projects in the cryptocurrency space like Tribute (TRBT) put their own spin on things, but what Moonbois ($Moonbois) is bringing to the table literally pits one side of the community against the other in what should amount to a battle of epic proportions, considering it is the first conceptualized MMORPG DeFi Yield Farming Protocol.

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Moonbois is an ERC20 Token (Contract address: 0x1499f5ed61ED3DeA00A3225531986F3493dA61B6) which will be a direct competitor in the ecosystem against another token launched in the system called Fudsters. As quoted in the developers own medium article found here, “The Moonbois are trying to colonize the moon… Unfortunately they were unaware of the presence of Fudsters, a low iq inhabitant of the moon, who have set out to destroy the Moonbois moonbase.” A third token called Moonfuel is also being utilized. The top 50 holders of Moonfuel will have a chance to get involved in the Moonbois presale. The other 50 spots in the presale will be reserved for Fudsters.

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Moondust is the token which will be distributed through farming via Moonbois or Fudster. Just to break it down for you crypto enthusiasts, there are a total of 4 tokens that will play a part in the tokenomics of this project and they are Moonbois, Fudsters, Moonfuel, and Moondust. Each token will have their own unique purpose and I will break it down as follows:


  • Total/circulating supply = 600
  • 500 sent to Moonfuel holders, 100 sent to Liquidity pool with Moonfuel
  • Will be used to stake and earn Moondust


  • Total/Circulating supply = 531 (5% txn burn applies to every transaction. Up until now, half of supply has been burnt)
  • Staking/farming unlocked at 50% initial supply. Phase 2 will launch at that time.
  • When Moonfuel diminishes to 250 supply, we will mint 200 Sandbox NFTs that will be exchangeable 1 Moonfuel to 1 NFT


  • Total/circulating supply = 400
  • 200 Fudsters will be put into a Liquidity Pool with 40 ETH
  • 500 distributed to pre-salers


  • Earned by farming with Moonbois and Fudsters
  • Moondust will also be distributed to each of the presalers at a rate of 5 each (750 total) with another 800 going in uniswap paired to eth, with another 100 being used as community prizes in the first week
  • 1% goes to Faction fund with the least coins in uniswap.
    1% goes to Faction coin that you you hold the most of.
    Will be airdropped to all presale governance token holders and MoonFuel holders
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The project describes the game forming over 4 phases as described below:

Phase 1: Going to the moon

“The story begins by boarding Elon Musks beautiful rocket, fueled by MoonFuel. We will need to use 50% of our Moonfuel to make it to the moon. Once we get there, we can use our moonfuel to make nitrate fertilizer for our farms.”

Phase 2: Farming

“We will need to collect Moondust once we arrive on the moon.
Moondust is farmed by staking Moonfuel/ETH liquidity pair on uniswap, and the maximum produced is around 1680 Moondust a week (10 an hour). Moondust will be used to build your moonbases.”

Phase 3: Building the base

“Holders of more than 5% of total supply of a factions coin can spend the smart contracts transaction taxes. Create mines, armories, and bases in preperation for war. Weapons, defenses, and mining robots will all cost and burn currency as well, which will get burnt in the production of NFT creation.
There will only be so much each one of these is capable of producing, so expansion will be ever necessary.
Users not in the top 5% have the option of sending Moondust to the smart contract to speed development, or opt to pay out of their own pocket for a special NFT.”

Phase 4: War

“The moon is only big enough for Moonbois or Fudsters. After things start to get tight, we will deploy our WAR smart contract. Building armories and staking weapon NFTs will boost your Factions attack power, while staking base and tower NFTs will bolster your defense power. Attackers will only get to use their ATTACK power, while defenders will get to use ATTACK + DEFENSE. Victors of the battle get their ATTACK reduced by 10% upon victory, and will recieve COLONIZATION POINTS which can be used to reward top 100 holders of the faction coin with unique NFTs.”

The Future

“Future gamification in the Sandbox universe is possible. We own 60 lands in the Sandbox game, and want to acquire more. If the community wants to join us in development in Sandbox, we can definitely make this game a lot bigger than just a browser based game.”

With the upcoming launch of the remastered website and farming, it will be extremely exciting to see if the developers over at Moonbois can create the first MMORPG based off of DeFi. As an avid lover of crypto and gaming, this combination is one I am looking forward to seeing come to life. Cryptocurrency can be about money and fun, and this is a prime example of someone taking the opportunity to bring both onto your computer screen.

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