DeFi Social: Bringing Gaming and DeFi Together

Social media and social networks in general have completely changed the way we communicate. Gone are the days of postcards, letters, telegrams, and the like. While paper is still an assured way to contact a third party or relay information, digital communication is the new way to exchange information and content. The cryptocurrency space has adopted social media and combined it with cryptography to help create an even easier way to communicate and share/exchange digital assets while providing an open forum for communication and even transparency. …

Sinelock: A New Way to Secure NFT’s

Security in cryptocurrency is a valuable thing. Cryptocurrency and its ability to be secured via cryptography has brought about an entirely new landscape of possibilities. NFT’s are backed by cryptography, but there is no real way to identify ownership through a form of digital identification which exposes the users information at their discretion. Until now. Sinelock (from the creators of Groovy.Finance) has provided a way for NFT owners to showcase their ownership while also securing it even further.

Sinelock is an ERC20 token (SINE, Contract address: 0xeb2c0e11af20fb1c41c6e7abe5ad214e48738514) that allows artists and those interested…

Welcome to the Deflect Protocol

Welcome to reverse engineered DeFi, sustainability, legitimized anonymity, unlimited scalability and unlimited funding potential. Welcome to the DEFLECT platform.

The Deflect Protocol is an industry-first solution that brings unlimited scalability, funding potential, and gas-less redistribution of tokens, all under one platform.

Deflect (DEFLCT, Contract Address: 0x3aa5f749d4a6bcf67dac1091ceb69d1f5d86fa53) utilizes the following tokenomics/distribution model:

• Max Supply — 500,000

• Percentage of Transaction Re-Distribution — 1.5%

• Percentage of Transaction Burn Rate — 0.75%

• Percentage of Transaction Deflect Treasury — 0.25%

Deflect enables DeFi startups with white-label solutions and launchpads for custom tailored smart-contracts with tokenomics functionality… Revolutionizing Traditional Decentralized Finance

Yield farming has proven to be a lucrative way to receive income passively. Yearn Finance is living proof. Bringing a return on tokens being staked or held in an ecosystem so users can contribute is a revolutionary idea that is beginning to find its way into the traditional banking model. A bank essentially does the same thing with your hard earned dollars when they are deposited into a savings or checking account. Cryptocurrency just adds another much needed layer of transparency.

One of the biggest problems many DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency space face today is the short life span of the many innovative projects that have come about. Driven largely by hype even if good evidence of a solid DeFi ecosystem exists, these projects often spike in price only to take a nose dive when traders decide to liquidate and take profits. while certain projects have tried to address this issue outright, a solution has yet to be found. The Consentium ecosystem has decided to take this problem head on and has developed Emoji Farm.

Emojis Farm (EMOJI, 0xcbd380c2d84deafed09f79863705353505764f26) is… Bringing Fairness to the NFT Niche

NFT’s have solidified their place in the cryptocurrency industry as evidenced by its overall accumulation of wealth locked into them. Its also worth taking into account the rate of which people are acquiring them. One problem that this niche of the industry has faced is the race to attain them, which leaves others with a fair/unfair advantage. Often times users are just in the right place at the right time which allows them a first come first serve basis as to who is able to purchase these valuable NFTs. A new project called…

Bird.Money: The Off-Chain Analysis Lending Platform

Decentralized lending platforms are a prime example of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are changing the financial landscape. In the past, banks and other financial powerhouses were the primary ways people earned interest on their money. With new protocols being developed everyday, cryptocurrency has proven to be a solid option when it comes to storing your money for a return. One of these new protocols that is looking to further innovate the earning/lending niche of blockchain is Bird.Money.

Bird.Money is an ERC20 token (Contract Address: 0x70401dFD142A16dC7031c56E862Fc88Cb9537Ce0) which acts non-custodial digital asset lending and borrowing…

Pull The Rug Finance

Non Fungible Tokens have already proven and solidified their value and capabilities even in the short time they’ve been around. They have several different roles and provide a great deal of utility. Some are considered a collectible item and are valued by those who hold them and seek them out. Other NFTs are being utilized as legal documents and proof of ownership ledgers, although this form of utility is being developed. One such project which combines NFTs with staking/farming rewards is called PulltheRug.Finance.

PulltheRug.Finance (RUGZ), contract address 0xedfbd6c48c3ddff5612ade14b45bb19f916809ba, is an ERC20 token which aims to combine…

Noob Finance

With cryptocurrency, sometimes new projects experiment with different tokenomics and ecosystem structures. Some take existing projects and create a new one with a little bit if an added spin, while some even withdraw some features and dumb them down to simplify them and see where things go. One project in particular, Noob Finance, is planning on combining various successful DeFi elements and forming one big ecosystem to create something that hasn’t been seen or maintained sustainability the space.

Noob Finance (NOOB, Contract Address: 0x1FC05d480B1eF1175a31123bFDBd36BfEE256889) is an ERC20 Token which aims to create an ecosystem which includes staking farms…

JusDeFi: Amplying DeFi Governance and Burn Functions

DeFi has produced a lot of interesting projects that fine tune tokenomics to create the next sustainable and unique ecosystem to try and repeat the success of previous projects like YFI and Core. DeFi, because of its decentralized nature, has also created its own fair share of scams and rug pulls. One of the biggest challenges is spotting them early before they are able to steal everyone’s contributions. …


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